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Stay Awake

After the most intense teaching given by our Lord Jesus during his earthly ministry, teaching of the most complex, apocalyptic and sobering nature, his final exhortation to us is simple and direct: stay awake.

- Because wars, famines and earthquakes signal the birth of the heavenly kingdom, we must stay awake.
- Because false teachers try to lead astray the elect, wrongly proclaiming themselves the newly-arrived Christ, we must stay awake.
- Because “the son of destruction” (2 Thess. 2:3) will come to God’s people seeking to abominate their holiness in Christ, we must stay awake.
- Because all things stand ready for Christ to return, our Lord is ‘at the gate,’ therefore we must stay awake.

And finally, because we do not know exactly when our Master will return, but return in triumphant glory He will, we must stay awake. So we can conclude….

- Sleepy Christianity isolates from the bad news of the world’s troubles, yet fully-awake Christianity looks, grieves, risks and loves.
- Sleepy Christianity lays a few doctrinal planks on its platform, lounging in the tree-house of theological pride. Yet, fully-awake Christianity seeks to ever edify itself and others by the never-ending pursuit of new glimpses of truth.
- Sleepy Christianity grows comfortable in this world. It shuns the hard work of new affections. Fully-awake Christianity, aches for the world to come. Nothing here feels finally safe.
- Sleepy Christianity doddles in the endless distractions of this world, naively assuming there is time later to repent unto holiness. Fully-awake Christianity cries every day, “Maranatha!” Come, Lord Jesus!

And sleepy Christianity takes the open date of Christ’s return as a license for worldliness. On the contrary, fully-awake Christianity always asks: At the moment Christ returns will he find faith in my heart as I live my life? For whatever is not of faith is sin (Rom. 14:23).


Wiping sleep from eyes with you,
Pastor Brent

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