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Delivered Up

If the last days of the world, in which we live, will unfold as Jesus has foretold—and indeed they perfectly are—then it should come as no surprise that these days will be full of hardship and opposition against Christ’s followers. In fact, in Mark 13, Jesus forewarns us that we will be delivered up in three ways.

First, we will be delivered up to religious councils. Jesus says we will be beaten in the synagogues. Can you imagine the ignominy and horror of religious councils believing that flogging Christians is an act of worship to their god? It’s coming. In some places it’s already here.

We will also be delivered up to government trials. The kings and governors will step in to try Christians for the crime of following Jesus Christ. The “great American experiment” notwithstanding, most political movements feel threatened by the supreme sovereignty of the Lord Jesus Christ. And well they should. They will be finally destroyed if they do not repent of the sin of rebellion against his rightful reign.

Finally, our own family members will deliver us up to Christ’s opponents. Mark 13:12, “And brother will deliver brother over to death, and the father his child, and children will rise against parents and have them put to death.” This is maybe the most painful. Our hope is that our biological family will also become our eternal family in Christ. When that does not happen, our sorrow surges. When they betray us for loving Christ, our sorrow multiplies.

Why does Jesus forewarn us of all these? So that we would be diligently on guard. On guard against what? Not merely the physical harm but the drawing away of our faith because of those persecutions. He calls us not merely to avoid pain but to flee all unbelief and—by his grace—hold fast to our Lord and Savior.

Holding fast with you,
Pastor Brent

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